American Beadboard 8 foot kits consist of twelve 8" wide beadboard panels, a solid poplar top cap chair rail molding and a solid poplar base board molding

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Each kit contains

12 Premium 60" Tall Moisture Resistant Beadboard will cover an 8 foot wall section
1 solid poplar 2 1/2" top cap molding x 94" long
1 solid poplar 4 1/2" baseboard molding x 94" long

Beadboard Panels are cut from 5/8 inch thick premium Moisture Resistant MDF.  The moisture resistant MDF is ideal for high humidity rooms such as a full bath and or damp basement.  The beads are deep and distinctive which gives the panel an elegant shadowing effect.

The outer edge of the cut includes a rounded edge which gives the panel a distinctively smooth feel and is soothing to the touch.

66" Tall x 94" Wide Moisture Resistant Beadboard w/ Moldings

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