Shop MDF Beadboard Panels

Superior 5/8" Thick Beadboard with deep bead cuts results in outstanding shadowing effect... the finest Bead Board on the market.

One side of the beadboard panel has beads that are 2 5/8" on center.  The other side has beads that are 4" on center.  The outer edge of the cut includes a rounded edge which gives the panel a distinctively smooth feel and is soothing to the touch.

Each beadboard panel has a finish width of 8".  You can purchase prepackaged kits with 30", 36", 46" and 60" tall beadboard panels.  When combined with the top cap molding and baseboard moldings the finish heights will increase by 6" to kit heights of 36", 42", 52" and 66".  You can also purchase 96" beadboard panels for taller applications.  For Ceiling projects you can special order lengths up to 120".

American Beadboard Panels are A Cut Above The Rest